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Often the difference between victory and defeat is very small; it is a little fraction of a second that decides the winner of a race, it is a small difference in the number of marks that decides, who wins the gold medal in the exam; often the difference in persistence between a loser and a winner is very small; it is the a small difference which decides, who gets promoted; it is a very small difference in the deviation from the path which decides whether a satellite launched is successful or not; there is a very small difference between a successful and an unsuccessful surgery; it is a very small difference that makes a big difference at the end. Never underestimate small things; carefully pay attention to the small things, the small things get added and make a big difference in the end. Success is a series of small efforts; every little thing that you do, every little effort that you make to succeed makes the difference in the end.

If you keep a mirror in a completely dark room you will notice that it does not reflect anything, mirror is rendered useless when kept in a dark room similarly it is with knowledge without application. Knowledge without application is useless; knowledge is useful when you apply it in practice. What you learn, you must apply in your life. Even a diamond does not glow in dark. So even the most advanced knowledge and education serves no purpose unless it is well utilized and applied in practice.
Practice what you learn, make sure that whenever you learn something good something useful, you commit yourself to it in your life. Otherwise all learning in the world is of no use.

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