The Flight of Ambition

The Flight of Ambition :: Apoorve Dubey

The price tag you put on yourself decides your worth. Underestimating yourself will cost you dearly. Realize your true ability and move ahead. If you dont have the courage to walk alone others will not have the courage to walk with you. This book will push you to achieve your very best in all spheres of your life.

Are you the person who simply accepts what fate brings or the one willing to carve out a destiny based on your deepest desires? It is ultimately up to you. It is the road you take that decides your destiny and not your destiny that decides the road you take.

A tiny bird trusts it ability to fly and it flies for thousands of miles at a stretch crossing the biggest oceans and keeps moving with faith in its wings. The bird keeps saying to us, You mustnt be afraid to do what you are born to do. Just like the bird all of us are born to fly in the flight of Ambition. Ambition is the driving force for success.

You are here to live a fulfilling and a grand life. Your life is your mission. Make it as big and wonderful as you can. Accommodate as many dreams, people and lives as you can. Dont limit yourself, dont hold back. There is no greater reward of your existence than to reveal your greater self not just to the world but more importantly to yourself. The self without any limits the self with purity, strength and all the might in the world.

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