Inspirational Flightless birds

The Flight of Ambition :: Apoorve Dubey

Not all birds fly. It is a well-known fact. All such birds, despite having lost their power to fly millions of years ago, have wings. Many of these birds (e.g. the great auk) lived on isolated oceanic islands where there were no predators. Since these birds did not need to fly to escape any predator, they gradually lost the power to use their wings.

Man has many faculties, dormant powers and a brain with extraordinary capabilities which ordinarily remain unused if one does not use these powers for a long time; they also become useless as the wings of the birds which do not fly. Develop a higher sense of perspective in your life and live with a purpose, with a cause, with a desire to do something noble, something big, inspirational and you will draw upon reserves of energy, which otherwise remain unutilised. Getting things too easily is not necessarily good in the long run. Sometimes, it is the struggles and tough times that are needed to bring out the best in you.

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