The Flight of Ambition

The Flight of Ambition :: Apoorve Dubey

This book in many ways provides a roadmap for you along your great journey called life. The moment you begin to see possibilities, everything changes. This book contains possibilities; it contains wisdom from diverse walks of life.

It contains the infallible teachings of the great scriptures like the Bhagvad Gita and the Bible on the other hand it delves into the latest scientific research on mind, nature and the science of achievement. It also explores moments of inspiration from the lives of the greatest people who have walked on this planet.

  • It does not matter, what you read
  • It does not matter, what you think
  • What matters is how you act
  • But if you read the good things
  • It will make you think right
  • And right thinking will lead you to right action.

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The fact that you are reading this may be accidental but it can be a defining moment of your life. This may just be the spark you need. Grab this moment and discover the endless possibilities that this book offers. Nothing big can ever be achieved by thinking small. This moment will never come back, sieze it. Go for it.

It is choices you make that shape up your destiny. Let this book be the first step in your path towards self actualisation, towards realising your true place in life. This is an opportunity to for you to transcend mediocrity. This book will kindle the fire within you. It will be your companion inspiring you to reach greater heights. Let this embark the greatest, the grandest and the best in you. Do not let this opportunity slip.

Every human being is unique. Yet, there are some universal principles which never change. They govern the lives of all. This book combines the best from the world of mystique and science. It offers you the most powerful tools for achieving fulfillment in different endeavors of your life. It unravels the mysteries, which make some human beings immortal while others struggle to survive.

This book will urge you:
  • To be in song with life and move as if there is no one who can hold you back.
  • To embrace every moment with out stretched arms as if it were the last.
  • To compete with all the might and yet laugh around with joy in defeat.
  • To leave an indelible mark even in the face of dark.

It is not the people who are skilled, special or different. Eventually, it is all about the people who try. He who doesn't try will never succeed. An honest attempt is the first step in your road to victory. You may not always triumph if you try but without trying you will never triumph. Triumph begins with a try.

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